One of the greatest benefits of digital print is the ability to personalise through the use of variable data. In a world where we are constantly receiving marketing paraphernalia from a wide range of companies, those that always stand out are those that are personalised to the recipient.

Using our HP Indigo presses and a very experienced in house data team, the possibilities are now endless to ensure that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. From simple personalisation on a letter or a post card with a salutation and the recipient’s name and address to unique reference numbers and barcodes, we will ensure that effective use of personalisation gets you the best response rate from your marketing campaigns.

Indigo print is the only platform to offer image personalisation where a customer’s name can be written in the clouds or in the sand on a beach – we‘ve all received something like this from some of the leading supermarket chains and therefore know the impact that it has upon receipt.

Benefits of Personalisation

Builds existing relationships – The more contact that you make with your existing customers and the more you can personalise and tailor your messages to those customers, those relationships can only be enhanced.

Improved engagement – If you can imagine the sheer volume of marketing messages that we all receive each month. If you are able to personalise these you will add value to your proposition and initially hit your audience with a stronger message and benefit from a better response rate.

Reduces waste – Personalisation usually means that you are being more precise with your targeting opposed to the traditional technique of mass marketing to all and sundry. Based on this, it is inevitable that you will incur less wastage and your print runs will be more cost effective.

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