Direct Mail


Direct Mail is a way of carefully targeting prospects or existing customers with tailored marketing messages promoting your products or services.

Recognised as one of Northern Ireland’s leading Mailing Houses, Northside Graphics offers a wealth of experience and expertise in Direct Mail. Offering a fully integrated service from the design of your Direct Mail piece to its personalisation and then its printing, packing and posting to your customers, we will guide and assist you with your campaigns to ensure the highest return on your investment.

We can currently handle up to 90,000 machine enveloped mail pieces and 70,000 tabbed mailers per day. Using market leading technology we can pack up to 6 items into a single envelope.

Our fulfilment service will free up your staff from the mundane and laborious task of traditionally hand packing your campaigns saving you both time and money. We can fold items on-line and pack a multitude of materials including letters, magazines, brochures and vouchers.

Our Pre Press team have years of experience in data handling and manipulation. We can either source you data lists for targeted campaigns or more often we will take your supplied data list and cleanse it. This process removes duplicate files significantly reducing wastage and annoyance with the recipients. The cleansing also ensures that you will be entitled to the largest Royal Mail discounts available depending on the size of your mailing.

So why use Direct Mail?

RESPONSE RATE – According to a study conducted by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), when Direct Mail is sent to an existing customer, the response rate is 3.4%. The response rate for an e-mail is 0.12%

TANGIBLE – With Direct Mail you are physically putting your product/offers into the hands of your customers.

TARGETTED – Through smart use of your data and a good knowledge of your database, you can segment to ensure that only the right person receives your marketing message – meaning more accuracy, less wastage and a better response rate.

ENGAGEMENT – The physicality of a Direct Mail piece landing on someone’s door step significantly increases the likelihood of them opening it opposed to a marketing message arriving into someone’s inbox by email.

TECHNOLOGY – Many consumers are still relatively uneducated with regards to email and the internet. Based on this, the best way to ensure these people are reached is through Direct Mail.

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