6, 48, 96 Sheets


Outdoor advertising is a medium that is enjoying considerable growth at present.

With more and more people out and about so much and away from their homes, advertisers have realised the enhanced benefits of outdoor advertising campaigns.

The most traditional form of this type of advertising is through 48 sheets or perhaps more commonly known as billboards. Printed on our 130gsm blue back material, the cost of these posters has been reduced significantly in recent times due to technology and our bulk buying capabilities. 48 sheets are highly effective and dominant due to their sheer size – 20ft x 10ft for 1 poster alone!

We also offer 96 sheets – effectively 2 x 48 sheets beside each other giving a 40ft x 10ft poster – why not consider using these when you really want to get noticed.

Another way of targeting a mass market is through the use of 6 sheets or adshels – the posters housed in bus shelters. These are printed on our 150gsm white back paper to give the best result for high impact within the illuminated sites.