Why branded calendars are the best gifts for your clients in 2019

Published by Northside • 16th November 2018

With the festive season and New Year fast approaching - it’s time to start thinking about some seasonal gifts for your clients! 
Marketing managers far and wide will tell you branded items really do work when it comes to enhancing visibility and brand awareness. They’re not wrong. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and give your customers a gift this Christmas that they will not only appreciate but will keep your business at the forefront of their minds all year long… Branded calendars are thoughtful, fun and useful, making them the perfect promotional gift.
At Northside Graphics we supply an extensive list of promo gifts but our favourite of all are custom-made branded calendars. 
Here’s why:

1. Practical and meaningful
Calendars are useful, regardless of the industry you’re targeting! Giving a gift that is practical and that clients can use to make their lives easier creates more touchpoints between you and your customer. Your promotional product will prominently display your business name, logo or contact information. Think about how many times in a day the average person consults their desk or wall calendar - each one of these glances equals another time the customer or prospect will think of your business or organization.

2. Affordable & cost-effective 
At Northside Graphics, we are proud to provide the highest quality print for a reasonable price across all our products. The number of potential clients, existing customers and industry decision-makers you could reach is staggering - meaning a relatively modest investment to create your calendar, can enable you to target hundreds of customers in one fell swoop. 
3. Universal appeal
Everyone uses some type of organisational tool and a calendar is a common sight in offices and homes across the nation. By tailoring the custom calendar to the needs or interests of the client, you’ll not only boost your business but you will also provide value to the person receiving it. And providing value means you’ve supplied a great gift! 
4. Continuous presence and year-round visibility
Custom calendars with your branding and logo will spotlight your business and keep you front of mind for a full 12 months, if not longer. When you break down the cost over that amount of time, the price of each calendar seems nearly next to nothing but the investment long-lasting.
5. Include vital business information
Your calendar design can include important company contact details, social media accounts and even opening times so clients and customers can get in touch with your business easily!
So, there you have it! With a new year upon us, ensure that you begin creating your print calendar early on so that you have enough time to get them to your customers before we wave goodbye to 2018. 
Northside Graphics is Northern Ireland’s biggest and oldest digital printer. We’ve been in the industry for 30 years and our experience enables us to help our customers when it comes to supplying the perfect printed calendars and promotional gifts. For advice or a quote for your promo items, just call 029 9022 2111 and chat to our Belfast-based print team today.