What’s new at Northside Graphics?

Published by Northside • 29th March 2017

So much is happening in the print industry that it can be hard to keep up.

Discover new technologies and advancements in print

According to a new market report by Smithers Pira, growth in digital print will continue onto 2024 and with growth comes development. New technologies and advancements in print keep us all on our toes and at Northside Graphics we make sure we’re always at the cutting edge of our field. Whether changes come with new machinery, changing printing techniques or new formats, our customers expect to be fully informed, so we asked a few of the guys at Northside Graphics, what’s new in the world of digital printing?
David Brown, Sales & Marketing Director, told us that Northside Graphics’ determination to stay ahead of the game has led to an extremely busy year. “At the annual Hewlett Packard dinner it was announced that Northside Graphics is their fastest growing customer in the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland. They’ve seen a 44% increase in impressions in the last six months compared to the previous year. This is in comparison to the average increase of 10.8%” says David. “Over the next few years we’ll see more advancements in large format print, including banners and mesh around buildings. We already supply a great range of large format outdoor advertising products. Customers love outdoor advertising because of the huge numbers of people who see it. It really has a big impact on sales and on brand awareness.”
David Cleland, Northside GraphicsDavid Cleland, Account Manager, told us how Northside Graphics intends to deal with an even higher demand for digital print. “Demand for our small format digital print products increases every month. From stickers and stationary to brochures or books, our HP Indigo presses are never silent. We’ve introduced a new nightshift to make sure we stay ahead and always meet our customers’ deadlines.” David also told us why print remains so popular: “People are much more likely to engage with a printed product than with information they see on screen. However, print and digital media also work well together with some customers using leaflets and stickers to grow their brand while driving traffic to online stores or social media pages.”
Emma Lusk, Northside GraphicsEmma Lusk of the sales team welcomed new machinery that she says will further strengthen Northside Graphics’ reputation for delivering quality print with fast turnaround. “We have just bought a lot of new kit including a new booklet making machine, a new laminator and a new creasing machine, so we now have two of absolutely every machine” Emma told us. “Our customers’ deadlines are our deadlines and the new machinery helps us deliver their print well within the time frame they require.”
Since forming in 1988 Northside Graphics has gained a reputation for delivering the finest quality print at highly competitive prices. We offer a superb range of products and always deliver on time, so call us today on 028 9022 2111 to find out how we can help you with all of your printing needs.