What is digital printing?

Published by Northside • 23rd April 2018

So, what is digital print and why is it so popular in 2018?

There are many types of print available today. The lithographic press was invented in the 18th century and has continued to develop right up until the present day. However, towards the end of the 20th century we saw great developments in the field of digital print and in recent years advancements in technology have led to digital presses producing work of an exceptionally high standard that’s impossible to tell from litho print. That’s made digital printing extremely popular for everything from invites to large marketing campaigns.
So, what is digital print and why is it so popular in 2018?
Digital printing cuts out the ‘middle man’
With digital print, the digital image or artwork file is sent straight to the printer without the need for a printing plate. Offset printing uses plates and the cost of materials and time taken to set up your job is added to the price you pay. Digital printing cuts out this stage altogether, so you save money.
Digital print means fast print
Digital print jobs are turned around much more quickly than with traditional print. That means you can get your job when you need it – even the next day!
Great value for money
Not only does the digital printing process save you money, it allows you to print very small runs. That means you don’t waste money on print you can’t use. If your information or message is likely to change in the near future you can print a small amount, then amend or update your job for the next run.
Personalise your print
Digital printing allows you to really customise your print. You can add names to your marketing to make it more personal to the recipient, add numbers for tracking or print different variations of a job all on the same print run. 
Great for the environment
We’re all trying to reduce unnecessary waste and digital printing keeps it to an absolute minimum. With no minimum print run you won’t waste print. The plate making process used in offset printing also creates waste and the offset process itself uses chemicals that are far from environmentally friendly. Digital printing is clean and efficient – better for the planet and much better for you margins. 
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