Watch your sales soar with a personalised marketing campaign

Published by Northside • 14th June 2017

Make it personal.

Whatever the product, it’s easy to see just how much competition there is for your printed marketing. We’re swamped with advertising messages many times a day. So how can you make sure that your marketing gets noticed and that your message not only gets through but also gets a response?
Use the personal touch
We all like to feel that we’re not just another target or a number. A great way to make customers or potential clients take notice of your marketing is by personalising it. Email and online campaigns do this all the time with marketers using information they’ve gathered about customers from previous purchases and visits to websites.
Your print marketing can do the same.
Personalise direct mail
A great feature of our digital printing process is that there is no minimum quantity. That means you can customise your print for its recipients. Just adding a name to a leaflet, brochure, postcard or other direct mail marketing item shows that you haven’t sent out mass-produced print to just anyone. A personalised printed marketing campaign like this can build new relationships and strengthen bonds with existing customers.
Add the personal touch with a personalised printed sticker
You might have already printed brochures, catalogues or company booklets but you can still personalise them before sending them to customers. Whether a potential customer requests your brochure or you’re just sending one to a prospect, you can add a custom printed sticker or label to the booklet or to the packaging. Our smaller stickers come kiss cut on A4 adhesive sheets so they’re great for overprinting and excellent for adding a personal touch to your marketing.
Think smart with targeted marketing
If a customer has bought from you before you can send them marketing showing similar or related products. Postcards using their name can include offers and deals based on previous buying habits. This shows that you’ve thought about what might suit particular customers and adds value to your service while making them feel like a valued customer.
There are many ways to personalise your print and you’ll be surprised at just how effective a personalised marketing campaign can be. You’ll certainly notice an increase in the numbers who respond. Of course, we’ll print your personalised job using our market leading HP Indigo digital presses to make your print stand out even more. For more information on personalised marketing campaigns from Northside Graphics or to get a quote, simply call us on 028 9022 2111.