Top 10 FAQs about Printed Books

Published by Northside Graphics • 19th March 2019

If you’re searching for key information on printed books, you have come to the right place. Northside Graphics have compiled a list of customer FAQs relating to booklet printing, providing concise and informative answers to each in order to give you a better overall understanding of the booklet printing process.
See below our top 10 FAQs about printed books:
What binding type do I need for my printed books? 
At Northside Graphics, we offer a total of three binding types for printed books, namely: PUR Perfect Binding, Saddle-Stitch Binding and Wiro Binding. See below for when each binding type is best suited:

1. PUR Perfect Binding
PUR Perfect Binding is typically used for magazines, thicker reports, dissertations and brochures due to the professional finish that it provides on documents from 50 up to 700 printed pages.

2. Saddle-Stitched Binding 
Saddle-Stitching is best suited to printed brochures, annual reports, magazines and other booklets, however, it is usually limited to documents up to 48 pages long depending on paper weight used. 
3. Wiro Binding
Wiro binding is the ultimate solution to reference material, including recipe booklets, training manuals, business reports, presentations and so much more. It is suitable for documents from 4 to 180 leaves - or 360 printed sides.
Where do I find the correct format for my artwork?  
Visit and navigate to the Report, Brochures And Books Template section to find downloadable documents that provide key information on how to create print-ready PDFs.
What paper and finishes can I choose from?
Northside Graphics offer an extensive collection of papers at a variety of sizes and weights. Choose from premium uncoated, gloss and silk papers for printed booklets. If you want to add that extra wow factor, we also supply a range of luxury papers and laminated finishes for extra strength and durability. Foil blocking and Spot UV options are also available.
How do I supply my artwork?
We ask that you supply 2 PDF files, both for the cover and the inner document. Cover PDFs should be supplied as a spread including the spine. Inner PDFs should include every inner page within the document, making sure that they are in the correct running order.
Are bleed and crop marks essential on my artwork?
As there is a degree of movement on any booklet printing press, we ask that you give us at least 3mm bleed on your artwork. Without any bleed, it may result in white lines after the trimming process has taken place.
Should I adhere to certain margins when designing my book?
In short: Yes. As the cover is fixed to the spine and up to 7mm on the side of the printed book, Northside Graphics recommend that you use a margin of 12mm on the spine side of inner pages in order to provide a 5mm gap from the edge of where your text appears and the spine.
Should I supply desired fonts?
Fonts are typically embedded on Print Ready PDF documents, however, if you supply files in a different format, you may need to supply your desired font to Northside Graphics.  
Northside Graphics is Northern Ireland’s biggest and oldest digital printer. We’ve been in the industry for 30 years and our experience enables us to help our customers when it comes to supplying perfect print. For advice or a quote on printed books, just call 029 9022 2111 and chat to our Belfast-based print team today.