Three signs you should invest in PUR perfect binding

Published by Northside • 22nd August 2017

Need a new brochure, booklet or printed document?

Marketing trends may vary but new and established businesses throughout Northern Ireland continue to rely on booklet printing. Well-designed brochures, magazines, catalogues, reports, books and company booklets engage potential customers in ways that no other media can.  From the moment you decide to produce your new document, you have choices to make. Starting with decisions on concept, content and design, your choices continue through print – and that includes binding. There are three main types of binding, each with its own strengths.
Pick the perfect binding
It’s worth considering your binding choice before you’ve completed your artwork as the borders and design of your booklet will change with different types of binding. A popular and very cost-effective choice for many types of documents from magazines to brochures is PUR perfect binding. With this method, the pages are glued along the spine with strong and flexible PUR adhesive. Some signs that perfect binding is your best option are listed below:
1.Your document has a high page count
Perfect bound books can be anywhere between 40 and 700 pages. If your document has more than 48 printed pages it’s already too thick for saddle stitching. While spiral bound books can go up to 360 printed pages they’re more commonly used for reference books and not as suitable for documents like magazines and brochures. 
2. Your document will be stacked or displayed.
Perfect bound books have a squared off spine. Not only does this look neat and stylish but it’s also perfect for stacking. Also, perfect bound books are the only type that can be printed on the spine, so your title will be seen when the books are displayed or stored cover to cover.
3. You want a professional publication – whatever the quantity
Books produced using PUR perfect bound binding look extremely professional and are great value for money whether you’re printing large volumes or short runs. PUR adhesive is strong at both high and low temperatures. It’s also very flexible so the spine won’t crack or pages start to fall out over time.
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