The ultimate guide to printed booklets

Published by Northside • 25th June 2018

Printed booklets are extremely effective marketing tools that are used by all sorts of businesses from one-person operations to large companies. Printed booklets come in a huge range of sizes and at Northside Graphics we also offer our customers a choice of three different binding options, each with its own advantages depending on the size and purpose of your printed booklet. If you’re ready to design or print your own booklet our guide will help you decide what type best suits your needs.

Saddle stitched booklets

Saddle stitching is a very popular binding method for booklets, magazines, brochures and company brochures. The pages are printed as spreads and each spread makes up four printed pages. The spreads are stapled together along the centre then folded so that the staples are along the spine of the booklet. Saddle-stitched books are cost effective and very straightforward to print, making them an excellent choice for any booklets of between eight and 48 pages. They come in multiple sizes from 120mm x 120mm up to A4 size.

PUR perfect bound books

Perfect bound books can be 40 to 700 pages thick and are available in a range of sizes from 120mm x 120mm to A4. The pages are stacked and squared off before being glued together along the spine, then the cover is wrapped around the pages and glued on. We use PUR adhesive that is extremely strong and flexible so your book won’t come apart or the pages become loose. We also print on the spine so as well as looking neat and professional your perfect bound book are great for shelf displays or for stacking. Customers use perfect binding for brochures, magazines and thicker reports.

Wiro bound documents

With wiro bound books the stacked pages are hole-punched along the edge and held together with thick metal wire that’s fed through the holes. Because wiro bound documents can fold fully back around and lie completely flat when open they are perfect for reference books, presentation documents, manuals and reports. They come in five sizes from 1/3 A4 to A3 size and many customers choose clear acetate covers for extra durability. Wiro bound documents can be between four and 180 leaves (360 printed pages) long.

Paper and finish

Paper choice is important and we offer an extensive range of premium uncoated, silk and gloss papers in a variety of weights. There are recycled options and if you want your booklet to look extra special you can choose from our stunning luxury paper range. Many customers choose matt or gloss lamination for covers to give extra strength and durability.

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