The Advantages of PVC Banners

Published by Northside Graphics • 10th January 2019

At Northside Graphics, one of our most popular outdoor products has to be our PVC Banners. When it comes to your marketing efforts, PVC banners come with some unique advantages that make them one of the most attention-grabbing and widely used marketing methods around. Here’s why our clients love banner advertising for their businesses; and you will too:  
PVC Banners are multi-purpose and extremely versatile
Whether you’re promoting a time-limited offer, advertising an event or building brand awareness, PVC banners grab the attention of passers-by on scaffolding, business premises, roadside fences and more. The possibilities are endless when these large adverts are well placed and highly visible! 
PVC Banners are durable and weather-proof
PVC banners (also known as vinyl banners) are lightweight, durable and weather resistant making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor advertising. To make banners dependable and long lasting, we use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that is both flexible and solid at the same time. 
The most common uses of banners are outdoors, which means the biggest threat to its lifespan is the weather. PVC banners are less prone to tears around the eyelets (than traditional banners), and protect your design against the effects of rain.
Printed on 450gsm RipStop PVC material, our banners are tear resistant and waterproof. Whatever the climate, a PVC banner continues to look great.
PVC Banners are high impact advertising
So far, you’ve seen how banners can be used almost anywhere, even outdoors under harsh weather conditions. But all this would be useless if they didn’t do what they are supposed to - attract attention, inform prospects and convert them into customers.
With the right design, a PVC banner is an efficient and effective way of connecting with people and getting them to listen.
PVC Banners are affordable
Advertising can be expensive and nobody wants to spend more than necessary. One of the best things about a PVC banner is that you get exceptional benefits at an affordable price. Wherever you use them, PVC banners deliver high impact advertising at a remarkably low cost. 
With a banner that could last a long time, you can invest just a little in order to see the returns for the foreseeable future. That’s why even the smallest businesses, one-off event promoters, and charities continue to use our banners every single day. 
So, whether you are promoting a forthcoming sale event for your business or want a cost-effective high impact way of displaying a message for a personal event, there’s no better way than with PVC banners.
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