Seven common direct mail mistakes

Published by Northside • 24th November 2016

Good direct mail campaigns involve a great deal of planning and thought. If you merely pick a few postcodes and blanket mail the area, your direct mail is unlikely to be effective

Our list of seven things to avoid in your direct mail campaign

Good direct mail campaigns involve a great deal of planning and thought. If you merely pick a few postcodes and blanket mail the area, your direct mail is unlikely to be effective. Northside Graphics prints all sorts of marketing materials for a wide range of customers. Leaflets, flyers, postcards and booklets are all often used in direct mail campaigns. A good direct mail campaign can really bring in sales. People still engage more with physical print than they do with online marketing. However, in order to get the most from your direct mail, there are some pitfalls to avoid.

To help you get it right, we’ve outlined the seven most common direct mail mistakes:

1.                   Not having a good mailing list

Got a great design, quality content and the perfect offer? Great! But it’s useless if you’re not reaching those most likely to buy. A good mailing list will include previous customers and well-researched prospects, not just some random addresses in a certain area.

2.                   Not having an offer

It isn’t the content or the design that will lead to sales, it’s the offer. If your direct mail just advertises a product range or a list of benefits, there’s no incentive to respond. Add a special offer or a deal to engage potential customers.

3.                   Putting your offer or deal at the end of your text

People get bombarded with advertising messages all day long. Don’t try to build suspense with direct mail. Get your primary message out straight away or your mail will be in the recycling bin before your great offer even gets seen.

4.                   Not including a letter

Why include a letter if all your info is on the mailer? Simple - letters still seem more personal and are much more likely to build trust. It might seem old fashioned, but letters work.

5.                   Not tracking results

Large corporations test their retail advertising constantly. Smaller businesses often don’t. If you don’t track results from your advertising and marketing, you won’t know what works – and what doesn’t. That means you’re likely to repeat previous failures instead of finding the perfect recipe for success.

6.                   Not following-up

Follow-up and reply to responses quickly. Hot leads don’t stay hot for long. If someone has taken the trouble to contact you, act on it as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the smaller your chance of turning that lead into a sale.

7.                   Not saying the magic word

What’s the magic word? “FREE”! People love getting anything for free. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Everybody loves getting something for nothing so give the word plenty of prominence on your mailer. Even if you’re just offering to send a brochure, say “Free brochure”. It’s been proven again and again. “Free” really is a magic word!

If you’re thinking of a direct mail campaign, Northside is your perfect partner. Established in 1988, we’re the oldest and largest digital printing company in Northern Ireland. We know print and we supply an extensive range of products that are ideal for direct mail campaigns. We’re based right here in Belfast and we really know the Northern Ireland market. Call us today on 028 9022 2111 for prices or to find out more about running a successful direct mail campaign.