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Published by Northside • 20th September 2016

Flyers are everywhere! In shops, clubs, events or even in the home, we see flyers on a daily basis.

Top tips to make sure your flyer stands out from the crowd

Flyers are everywhere! In shops, clubs, events or even in the home, we see flyers on a daily basis. They advertise everything from new businesses to events and services. We see flyers wherever we go, so how do you make sure people will notice, remember or even keep yours?

Established in 1988, Northside Graphics is Northern Ireland’s oldest digital printing company. We’ve nearly 30 years’ experience in printing all sorts of marketing material for our customers. Flyers remain an extremely popular marketing tool, so we’ve put together our top five tips to make sure your printed flyer really stands out from the crowd.

1. Write a great headline

A good headline draws people in. Put yourself in the position of a prospective customer. What sort of thing is likely to make you take notice? Your headline needs to immediately spark interest, grab attention and entice the reader to find out more. If you’re offering free services or products, make that clear from the headline. Don’t hide your main message in smaller text. If you do, chances are your potential customers will have discarded your flyer and moved on before they see your core message.

Make your headline snappy, catchy and immediately engaging!

2. Think about your design

We see flyers of all shapes and sizes, everywhere we go, so make sure yours stands out for the right reasons. A poorly designed flyer will devalue your message and portray your business as unprofessional. If design isn’t your forte, bring in a designer. Your flyer could be the first impression someone has of your business, so make sure it’s a great one!

3. Use only the best quality print

If you’re been out in Belfast, you’ve probably seen a huge number of flyers in shops, cafes and bars. Nothing will let down a flyer – or the business it’s promoting – like washed out, cheap looking print. At Northside, we use only top of the range HP Indigo digital presses to ensure the very best print quality, with rich, vibrant colours and sharp, clear images. That means your flyer looks perfect to you - and to potential customers and clients.

4. Don’t forget the essentials

Whatever your flyer’s main purpose, you must include all your contact details. Flyers and other printed marketing are great as stand-alone promotions, but they’re also highly effective for driving traffic to your website or social media pages. Don’t forget your web address or even a QR code as well as all your other contact details.

5. Use good content

Poorly written content will damage your business as much as bad design or poor print. Your content should be clear and concise. Proof check everything for spelling and grammar. While it’s a great idea to include offers or deals, don’t cram your flyer with too much text. Make it engaging and easy to read.

You can have your flyers in a range of sizes, weights and finishes. They’re all on our website along with the full range of printed material we supply. To get prices, order online or to find out more, simply visit or contact our customer service team, based right here in Belfast. Let Northern Ireland’s oldest digital printers help you create the perfect flyers and to grow your business today!

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