Roll up for big impact!

Published by Northside • 10th October 2016

Roller banners are great for your business – wherever you are!

If you’ve been to a trade show, conference, exhibition or visited various retail outlets, you’ve probably seen roller banners promoting all kinds of business, products and services. Roller banners get you noticed and at Northside Graphics, we supply a huge number of roller banners to customers who use them in all sorts of locations, including:
Shops and retail outlets

You’ll often see roller banners in shop windows or in-store, promoting products, services or special offers.
Bars and restaurants
Special offers, deals, events and club nights are often advertised on roller banners. Your banner stands really can go anywhere and that means you can put them wherever your potential customers are likely to be.
Trade shows and events
If you’re exhibiting at a show, a is a sure way to grab the attention of visitors and draw them in to find out more. Then you can hand out other printed merchandise and introduce yourself – and your business!
Business premises
Many companies use roller banners on their own premises; especially in receptions or other areas their customers will see. In this way, businesses can advertise other services or products they offer.
Choose from our range of roller banners!
We supply three types of to customers, so you can choose whichever best suits your needs and budget. 
Silver roller banner
Our entry level, economy is perfect for short term events or for leaving in one location for longer periods. The quality of the stand and the print remains as high as customers expect from us at Northside Graphics. The price includes the printed graphic and a padded carry bag.     
Gold roller banner
We’ve supplied thousands of Gold roller banners to our customers. Slightly more durable than our Silver stand, the Gold roller banner is great for use again and again. Available in widths of 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 2000mm, our Gold roller banners also allow you to replace the printed graphic.
Platinum roller banner
The Platinum is our top of the range and features a space-saving sturdy base without swing out feet. This premium stand is 2150mm tall and includes printed graphic and padded carry bag. 
They’re easy to assemble, light to carry and ordering couldn’t be easier! You can even download artwork templates on our website. To find out more about roller banners from Northside Graphics, simply visit or contact us today!