Perfect promotions for your Christmas campaigns and parties

Published by Northside • 23rd October 2017

Ready or not, it’s nearly that time of the year again. Deep down, we all love Christmas and everyone loves a party. As soon as Halloween is over we’ll see advertising for Christmas deals and party nights, while many restaurants are already booked out for Christmas dinners or company nights out. From small posters on shop windows to billboard campaigns, poster advertising is effective all year round and at this time of year it’s the perfect way to let as many people as possible see your Christmas promotion.

Big is beautiful

Compared to other forms of advertising, outdoor advertising has the lowest cost per every thousand people who will see it. It also costs less than most people think so it’s hardly surprising that poster printing services are increasingly in demand from Northern Ireland businesses, from sole traders to schools; car dealers to councils. People don’t have to take an action to see outdoor posters. They don’t have to open a book or turn on a television. Outdoor posters are there all the time, all around us.

Small is cool

Many clubs and venues advertise on their own premises with posters as small as A4. Often when advertising in a bar or retail premises smaller posters work really well. They don’t take up too much space and that’s great for venues who are advertising many promotions at once. People already in the venue will see your poster more easily and for longer than outdoor advertising so it doesn’t need to be huge and can even include more details than outdoor posters. Bathroom advertising takes full advantage of this too because marketers know the reader will have more time to read the poster.

The right colours are festive and fun

Using a Christmassy colour palette rich with reds, blues and greens will help your poster to fit with a festive feel whether you go with a traditional Christmas design or something more contemporary. The previous weeks will have seen a lot of dark coloured marketing for Halloween so bright, warm Christmas designs are all the more noticeable and inviting to readers.

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