Hurry! There’s still time to order your last minute Christmas printing!

Published by Northside • 6th December 2016

Christmas is a busy time for advertising and promotion. Whether you’re offering deals, gifts, incentives or just sending Christmas cards to customers, this is a time filled with marketing opportunities. With Northside’s digitally printed product range you can make your festive promotion even more memorable by personalising your printed marketing for each customer!

Stand out from your competitors with personalised print.

People receive a tremendous amount of marketing. It’s important to make sure yours gets noticed and a great way to do that is to personalise it with the name of the recipient. At Northside Graphics we have a very experienced in-house data team to do this. We also use HP Indigo digital presses that, as well as producing superb colours and sharp, accurate images, allow us to offer full personalisation on a range of products.

Why personalise your print?

There are many benefits of personalised printing. You’re much more likely to:

Build relationships

People who receive marketing that’s marked with their own name are more likely to respond. Personalised marketing shows that you’ve put some thought into your print and that you care about your customers. It helps build trust and people are much more likely to forge business and personal relationships with companies they trust.

Engage with existing and potential customers

Personalising your print adds value to your message and your company. Personalised marketing is proven to have a better response rate than mass marketing.

Reduce waste – and costs

The more accurately your marketing is targeted, the more efficient it will be. Mass marketing requires much larger print runs and by its very nature, a great deal of it will miss the mark. The more targeted and efficient your marketing, the better for your budget – and the environment.

Personalise all sorts of products

You can personalise just about anything. Many customers personalise postcards with special offers and deals. Flyers, leaflets, brochures and catalogues are also perfect for personalisation. When someone sees their name on marketing, they’re much less likely to see it as junk mail. This will make them more likely to engage and respond.

As Northern Ireland’s oldest and largest digital printer, we at Northside really do know a thing or two about printed marketing - we’ve been supplying it to customers for nearly 30 years. We supply a huge range of products for all sorts of customers. Have a look at our website to see our full range of products and simply call 028 9022 2111 for a quote or advice. We offer a fast turnaround and we’ll be delighted to help you get your Christmas and New Year marketing campaigns up and running!