How you know it's time to refresh your promotional Banner Stands

Published by Northside • 1st December 2017

Promotional banner stands are popular and effective marketing tools used by small and large companies alike. You’ll see them in showrooms, business receptions, hotel foyers and shops as well as at trade shows and other events. Banner stands come in different sizes and styles designed for many different uses. Often a business will roll out their trusty banner stand frequently for different events. Usually that’s not a problem – as long as it’s still in good shape and still relevant.


How has your promotional banner stand stood the test of time?

If you’ve had your promotional banner stand for a while it’s a good idea to take a look at it as part of your current marketing mix and ask yourself a few questions:


Is it still on brand?

It’s not uncommon for your designs to accidentally slip slightly away from your brand guidelines over time, especially if you use different designers from time to time. Even if you haven’t had a full rebranding since you had your banner stand printed you might find that its design looks a little dated and just doesn’t sit alongside more recent marketing. If that’s the case, it’s time for a refresh.


Is it still on message?

Has your business changed since your promotional banner stands were originally printed? If your business has grown and diversified over the years or even months, your stand’s message may be out of date. Does your banner stand still send the message you want potential and existing customers to see?


Has its use changed?

Often customers order a stand for a particular event or location but over time they find themselves using it in different places and for purposes other than those originally envisaged. That can mean the message carried on your promotional banner stand may not always be relevant. If that’s the case, a new more generic promotional stand will be a wise investment.


Does your promotional banner stand look old?

Anything used again and again can start to show signs of wear. That might be the case with a promotional banner stand you use regularly, especially if you bought it some time ago for single use. If your stand has been damaged or stained or even if it’s starting to look a little worn then it’s not going to give the perfect impression you want people to have of your business. If that’s the case, it’s definitely time for a new stand.


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