Get the most from your roller banners this summer – and get the best value for money

Published by Northside • 19th July 2018

Get the most from your roller banners this summer – and get the best value for money

Get the most from your roller banners this summer – and get the best value for money

We’re well into what has so far been a fantastic summer and with everyone out and about there are some fantastic marketing opportunities. The exhibition season is underway, summer sales are everywhere and this summer’s events are busier than ever. Roller banners are a great way to capitalise on increased numbers of shoppers, visitors and event-goers. They’re highly effective marketing tools and right now Northside Graphics are offering our extensive range of professional roller banners at stunningly low prices so it’s a great time to order and increase your sales for little investment.

Five top tips to get the most from your roller banners

Your roller banners will be even more effective if you follow a few trusted tips:

1.    Stick to one main message

Roller banners aren’t for listing your entire product range, prices or for telling your company’s history. You typically have less than five seconds to get attention before people will stop reading so whatever you want to say, say it quickly and say it loud.

2.    Top to bottom – left to right

Given readers’ short attention span with roller banners and other large format advertising, ensure you make yours as easy as possible to read. The eye naturally reads from top to bottom, left to right so put your most important element at the top (eye level) and work down. Your logo and main message should always be the most immediate elements of your design.

3.    Push your unique selling point (USP)

At events, in retail or business premises and over the course of a day people see a great deal of marketing messages. What will make your product or service stand out from competitors? If your prices are lower, your service better or if you’ve won awards, use your roller banner to shout about it.

4.    Avoid stock images

There are many photo stock libraries out there – some offering more original imagery than others. Stock pictures are now very easy to find but they can make your print look bland. Great images will really help your roller banner but get some taken that are unique to you and your banner will be much more effective.

5.    Look around and use anything you like

There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other company’s marketing. Look at stands, posters, printed and even online marketing from your competitors or similar businesses across the world. If they’re doing something well take inspiration from the idea and customise it for your own business.

Best value roller banners printed right here in Belfast

Northside Graphics is a Belfast based print company dedicated to supplying high-quality print at low prices for our Northern Ireland customers. We offer a wide range of roller banners from our entry-level Silver stand to our top of the range Platinum option. The only difference between each of our roller banners is the weight and strength of the frame. All printed graphics are produced on the same Roland high definition presses so any stand you choose will be of the highest quality. We also believe we offer the best value around so call us on 029 9022 2111 and get a quote for your new roller banner stand today.