Get noticed with PVC vinyl banners

Published by Northside • 21st April 2017

A PVC vinyl banner is a high impact, attention-grabbing method of getting your message or brand seen by large numbers of people

When you want to send out your message loud and clear, PVC vinyl banners from Northside Graphics are your perfect solution. We print banners on our high definition large format presses that produce print of an exceptionally high quality so your text, images and graphics will really stand out. And you can have your banner as large as you want.

What can I advertise on my PVC vinyl banner?
Anything you want! We supply PVC vinyl banners to our customers for all sorts of business and personal uses including:

Building brand awareness
If you want to grow your brand or introduce a new business, PVC vinyl banners are perfect for getting your name and logo out there.

Advertising products and services
If you’re promoting something new or pushing a particular product or service, PVC vinyl banners will make sure everyone knows about it.

Advertising sales and promotions
Got a sale coming up? Let everyone know when and where with a high impact PVC vinyl banner.

Events promotion
Trade shows, concerts, conferences and all sorts of events are regularly advertised on PVC vinyl banners from Northside Graphics.

Parties and personal messages
From birthday greetings to happy anniversaries, you’ll see our PVC vinyl banners sending good luck messages to people all over Northern Ireland.

How large can I have my PVC vinyl banner?
That’s up to you. Our most popular size is 3m x 1m but you can go as large as you like. For really big banners like those that wrap around the exterior of buildings, we recommend you use our PVC mesh material that allows wind to travel through thousands of tiny holes.

Can my PVC vinyl banner be used outside?
Absolutely. Our PVC vinyl banners are printed on 450gsm rip stop material. It’s strong, tear resistant, waterproof and won’t fade when hung outside. We’ll include eyelets for easy hanging and there are a number of different finishes available.

At Northside Graphics we supply PVC vinyl banners and PVC vinyl mesh banners to all sorts of customers who use them for everything from wishing someone a happy birthday to advertising major new businesses. As Northern Ireland’s oldest and largest digital printers, Northside Graphics supply a full range of printed products, from banners and other large format products to business cards and leaflets. To get a quote or more information, or to order your high impact PVC vinyl banner, call us on 028 9022 2111 today!