Five top tips for PVC banners

Published by Northside • 31st December 2016

Whether you’re promoting a business, an event or just wishing someone a happy birthday, PVC and mesh banners are a great way to advertise your message loud and clear.

Five top tips for PVC banners
At Northside Graphics we supply a huge amount of banners to customers in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. We print banners for both business and private use. When it comes to design, following a few general rules will help ensure your banner really gets noticed. Below, we’ve laid out our top five tips for good design of your PVC or mesh banner:
1. Big is beautiful
We can print your banner in a huge range of sizes, so your banner - and your design - can really go large. A big headline or a large, striking image will really get your message noticed.
2. Consider the location(s) of your banner
If your banner is to be used in multiple locations, choose a size that will fit easily in a variety of places. If your banner is likely to stay in one location, choose colours that will make it stand out from its background and if targeted at a certain market, locate it somewhere that audience is likely to visit or pass.
If your banner is going outside in an area exposed to the elements, consider using mesh. Many banners you see on buildings around Belfast will be printed on mesh, so that wind will go through the banner and not catch it like a sail.
3. Get a great headline
PVC banners, like all outdoor advertising, need to grab the attention quickly, so get a great headline that’ll have an immediate impact. If you can’t think of a catchy headline, consider asking a copywriter for help. When it comes to banners, your headline is just as important as your design.
4. Don’t use too much text
Keep your overall message punchy and short. People won’t stop to read several lines of text, so hit passers-by quickly with content that they’ll remember. 
5. Don’t use too many images
Images should be used sparingly. Overuse of images will mean your banner has too much information and will turn people off. Remember too that your images will print very large, so they need to be of a high quality. The image that looks fine on your screen may well look blurred and pixelated on a large banner. If you’re unsure about images, just give our expert team a call and ask for advice.
At Northside Graphics we supply a huge range of PVC and mesh banners to customers throughout Northern Ireland. Established in Belfast nearly 30 years ago, we’re Northern Ireland’s oldest and largest digital printing company. Our customers know that we won’t settle for anything less than printing excellence across our range and we believe that our PVC and mesh banners are the best in the marketplace. We use top of the range HP and Roland presses for all our large format print and strive to offer the best value for money print in the marketplace. 
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