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Published by Northside • 19th May 2017

The power of outdoor advertising

We may live in a digital age, but the print industry continues to grow. Online marketing has its place, but if you need to get your brand or message in front of large numbers of people, you can’t beat the power of print. As Northern Ireland’s oldest and largest digital printers, Northside Graphics have seen many changes in the industry and one of the areas in which we’ve seen substantial growth is large format print like outdoor advertising.
Outdoor Advertising Belfast

We supply a number of outdoor advertising products. Advances in technology mean that outdoor advertising is now, even more, cost effective than before and there are plenty of options available for your outdoor campaign.
96, 48 and 6 sheet posters
Commonly know as billboards, 48 and 96 sheet posters are seen throughout Northern Ireland in towns, rural areas and along roads or motorways. You’ll also find 6 sheet posters on bus shelters or adshels everywhere. Research shows that three-quarters of drivers read roadside billboards and that 80% of consumers questioned say they’ve seen outdoor advertising 30 minutes before making a purchase. When it comes to the sheer numbers of people who’ll see your advertising, 96, 48 and 6 sheet posters really can’t be beaten and they cost a lot less than you think. That makes them superb value for money.
Vinyl PVC and mesh banners 
Cost effective, waterproof and durable as well as being easy to transport, PVC vinyl banners are great for outdoor advertising but are equally effective when used indoors. Made from rip and tear resistant RipStop material, PVC vinyl banners are perfect for our unpredictable Northern Ireland weather.
If you need an extra large banner to hang outside for long periods, try our mesh banners. Often seen on the side of buildings and on scaffolding, mesh banners have thousands of tiny holes that allow the wind to pass through your banner rather than catch the banner like a sail. Get your banner as big as you like and you can be sure your message will get you noticed all year round.
Backlit graphics
Your artwork is printed on translucent film that is placed between two sheets of Plexiglass. The film is backlit and our UV digital printing ensures that your colours and images will be stunningly clear and sharp. Northside Graphics regularly supply backlit graphics for menus, trade displays and retail premises.
See-through window graphics 
An extremely effective form of outdoor advertising often seen on the windows of retail premises and buses, see-through window graphics are applied directly to the glass. Those inside the glass can still see out while people outside see only the advertising graphic. As well as being a high impact form of advertising, these graphics also reduce glare from direct sunlight.
If you want your message or brand to be seen by large numbers of people, have a look at our extensive range of outdoor advertising products. There are options to suit every budget and you’ll be delighted with the results. Many customers are using Northside Graphics for help in their outdoor advertising campaigns and we’re very happy that many are posting reviews of our products and services. Remember, if you post a review of your experiences with us on Google+ you’ll automatically be entered into a draw for a £50 voucher that you can use against any of our products. For more information on outside advertising or to get prices, call Northside Graphics on 028 9022 2111 today.